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Digital Cloud Vault offers Managed or Unmanaged Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Colocation services. Organizations choose Digital Cloud Vault as the cloud, interconnection and colocation platform to design, plan and implement their hybrid, multi-cloud IT solutions. Performance-sensitive applications are at home in our high-performance data center facilities.

  • Cloud based/Hybrid model – Flexibility is the key
  • Any number of devices – Choose the best way to access your systems
  • Single sign-in – centralized security
  • Disaster recovery – backup systems so you will never be down
  • Access from anywhere – keep your business going in today’s world
  • Real-time backups – so you don’t loose a single piece of data


Scalability is an excellent and cost-effective way to manage your business growth and avoid unexpected expenses, including replacing hardware and software that is no longer doing the job it should be. From a financial perspective, scalability drastically lowers your outgoing costs for technology, even if the initial bill is higher to begin with.

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Does Your Company Need Managed IT Support and Services?

Companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations, outsource their information technology needs for many reasons.

How many of these benefits could help your organization right now?

Lower IT costs

With today’s global shortage of skilled IT workers, hiring and retaining in-house talent can be expensive. Switching to managed services is often easier and can dramatically reduce your direct IT spending.

More efficient operation

In-house IT staff can become overwhelmed as your organization scales. A managed services partner will ensure your business is capturing maximum performance from your technology.

Better allocation of resources

A managed service provider enables you to tap into higher levels of IT skill sets, so you can allocate your in-house IT resources more effectively—unlocking greater value across your organization.

Always up-to-date technology

System failures can cost small businesses between $82k and $256k per incident. A managed service provider will ensure your technology is always secure and running at optimal efficiency.

More consistent fee structure

Because managed services are typically billed as a fixed monthly subscription, you see fewer budget surprises. As a result, you’re able to plan for the future more effectively and confidently.

More focus on growth opportunities

Delegating complex technology decisions to a trusted managed services provider enables you to concentrate on core competencies and seize growth opportunities.